Regiment details

 Extract from Lochwinnoch newspaper:

The Armistice Day Service this year will be the first not to be attended by a resident who served in the 1st Regiment Maritime Royal Artillery during the Second World War. This regiment had two batteries and the HQ of one was located here in Lochwinnoch from 1941-45. It was sited next to the Lochhead Furniture & Cabinet Work, affectionately and more frequently referred to as the Klondyke. The officer in charge was Colonel Dunkeld who reported directly to the man in overall command of the Maritime organisation, Major George Ewart whose office was in Cockspur Street in London.

Before the end of 1945 the barracks were closed. Captain Geoffrey Tharme R.A. was one of many serving members of the Regiment who married local lassies and stayed on in the village. Others who did so and made contributions in a variety of ways to post-war village life included Eugene Flanagan, Arthur Cusworth, George Jepson, Bobby Bryce, Bill Love, and John Scales. Sadly the last of these men died a few weeks after Armistice Day 2006. With his passing a page if not a chapter of local social history has been turned. Whoever is asked to lay the wreath on the memorial plaque to the regiment in the Parish Church this November will be doing so in a year when perhaps we should give an extra thought for the 1st Regiment Maritime Royal Artillery.


2 thoughts on “Regiment details

  1. My grandfather was Gunner Arthur Cusworth who settled, married, lived a long and happy life and passed away in Lochwinnoch. I’ve been interested in finding out a little more about his World War Two service as a DEMS gunner with the Maritime R.A. and I’d be grateful to anyone who has any information about “Yorkie”, even his service number, if known by anyone, would be of great assistance to me.

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