Joseph Peter Cummings

Gunner Joseph Peter Cummings
Gunner Joseph Peter Cummings
The grave of Joseph Cummings, Syracuse, Sicily

This site has been developed to commemorate my uncle, Joseph Cummings who died on board the ship MV Fishpool on 25th July 1943 in Syracuse Harbour, Sicily. In May 2015 I was fortunate enough to be able to visit his grave. As far as I am aware, I am the only family member who has been able to do so. I have tried to discover as much as I can about the man and his life.

What I have found out is tantalising but fragmentary. I will continue to further research into his life and add what I can as I find it. He was unmarried at 32, wrote poetry – examples which can be found here; was obviously religious as his poem on Nazareth illustrates. He was also a keen amateur radio enthusiast.

The inscription on his headstone includes the following:

A noble and devoted son

Our Lady, star of the sea

Guide him to his eternal home


My parents named their first child Stella (star). Due to birth trauma, she died when she was just days old. I never had the opportunity to ask whether they knew of the prayer on Joe’s headstone and if this was the reason she had been named as such – certainly there were no other relatives she had been named after.